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Join us on December 30th for our

Hack Your Life 2020 Kickoff Event

A full day of live streams with special guests who will share their best, most effective strategies for getting 2020 off to a fast start!

Left to right, top row: Diane Forster, Robert Imbriale, Morgan Wonderly, Christopher Payne, Laura Rubinstein, Steven Memel
Front row: Silvica Rosca, Mitch Axelrod, Rhoberta Schaler, Lisa Rothstein, Jeanette JOY Fisher

Hosted By Robert Imbriale

Robert has been hosting New Year's events since 1995. He is committed to helping as many people as possible set up for the year ahead. New Year's bring new ideas, new dreams, new possibilities, and they also bring new challenges. You can learn to set yourself up to win more often than not in the face of whatever challenges show up in your life. 

This year, Robert will kick off this event with his own unique presentation on how to make huge strides in your life towards your goals. He learned this lesson the hard way and is always eager to share it!

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